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Looking after a boat is hard work. They require both preventive and remedial maintenance, and this can add up, both money wise and time wise. If you can do some of the work yourself then that certainly helps. In fact it’s important to know some basic maintenance as things will no doubt go wrong when there’s no one around to help. Here we cover some of the technical elements we have addressed onboard our boat and hope that they may be of help to others. But please, please, proceed with caution! If you have any concerns or doubts please consult a marine professional, these articles are purely for guidance only.

Lewmar Winch

How to Service a Lewmar Winch

Before the start of each sailing season we like to give our winches a nice service to ensure they are running smoothly, after all they endure some heavy loads, and are expensive to replace, so it pays to look after them! Here’s our step by step guide to how we… Read More »How to Service a Lewmar Winch

Lassoing a mooring buoy

Lassoing a Mooring Buoy

Being a short handed crew (there’s normally just the two of us) sometimes picking up a mooring buoy can be a little challenging. Even if the mooring buoy has a pick up line you don’t always know what you may pull up! One method we have adopted is the lassoing… Read More »Lassoing a Mooring Buoy

Yacht bedroom boat carpet

DIY Boat Carpets!

We purchased a carpet remnant from the Ebay Outlet Store of Designer Carpet , a pair of Titanium Coated Tradesman Shears from Amazon and set to work with our measurement tape. The only work space big enough on board to do this was our bed! So we removed the mattress… Read More »DIY Boat Carpets!